D&B Audiotechnic

We offer J series large format line arrays for the largest of events. This is the system of choice for Artists such as Lauryn Hill, Katherine Jenkins, Eminem, Blur. This system easily scales from audiences of 2,000+ to audiences in excess of 100,000 people delivering high impact, crystal clear Hi-Fi sound with gut wrenching sub when required.

For smaller events, we stock Q and E series which scale from corporate, low visual profile systems to large format concert systems, all the while delivering  D&B's signature incredible sound quality.

DAS Audio

We stock the ultra compact Aero  8 line array system with the full compliment of flown and ground stacked subs. This system excels at theatre, corporate and maintains maximum intelligibility in tricky environments. It is also more than powerful enough for rock and roll or dance events up to 2000 people in capacity.

HK Audio

We stock HK Actor systems as part of our affordable line. An unbeatable price / performance ratio make these systems an ideal choice for small or low profile events up to 300 or 400 capacity.


We stock the darling of the European underground dance music scene.  This is a large format point source system with exceptional directivity and control.  It is refined enough for symphony orchestras, but has won the prize of "Best European Drum and Bass arena 2013".  It has also won the Red Bull Sound Clash 2011, as best system present.

Turbosound Flashlight (Formidable mk 3)

This is the only mk3 Flashlight system in the world with a redesign courtesy of Tony Andrews and ourselves. For those of you who still hanker after the halcyon days of Pink Floyd's legendary sound system, - this is the best it has ever sounded. We are fully equipped to handle venues of 40,000+ capacity  with main hangs with our D&B systems forming the perfect accompaniment for infill and delay towers. In the argument of line array VS point source and convenience over "that" sound quality - TRY IT! - you will be blown away!


Mixing Consoles

We stock a wide array of mixing consoles for small events to the largest of concerts. We have premium analogue systems such as a Midas H3000 with almost every outboard toy you could name on your wish list to the latest digital console offerings. We have invested heavily in Soundcraft digital consoles with the Vi6, Vi1, Si Performer and Si Compact becoming the main stays of our rental stock. We also stock the Midas PRO2, Yamaha CL5 and PM5D. We do, for the time being, still have a few LS9s and M7CLs available.

DJ equipment

We stock Pioneer's DJM900 and CDJ2000 and CDJ2000 Nexus, also Allen & Heath Xone 9:2, Technics 1210s (including the rare mk5g) and Rane Serato systems. If it is unusual, give us a call, we may well have it in hire stock! We also have LED DJ booths, and plasma screen fronted DJ booths available.

Microphones and Wireless Systems

We stock Shure UHF-R and Sennheiser ew500 and AKG wms4500 wirless systems with IEMs available  from Sennheiser in both the ew300 and 2000 series.

We specialise on complex radio frequency spectrum management for highly complex events and work closely with JFMG and international licensing authorities.

Microphone wise we stock all the usual flavours from Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, BSS, Radial, Beyerdynamic, Audix, Schertler, Audio Technica and Neumann.

PA hire, audio equipment hire, sound hire in Brighton, Sussex and beyond.

event hire in Brighton

From small to large systems, Sussex Event Hire have it all.  We can cater to any event, from small corporate systems to full concert line arrays, we have it in rental stock.

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