A Birthday Party for members of Pink Floyd:

Having worked together on previous occasions, Guy Pratt, Pink Floyd's (and Madonna and Michael Jackson's) bass player requested that we handle all audio for his 50th birthday party.

This was a secret and very sensitive event. There were only 100 guests but the band consisted of:

David Gilmour - Pink Floyd, Guy Pratt - Pink Floyd, Gary Kemp - Roxy Music, Chester Cayman - Robbie Williams, Andy Newman - Sly and the Family Stone, Chris Spedding - War of the Worlds, Jim Palmer (son of Robert) - Baaba Maal, Lee Harris - The Blockheads and Danny Cummings - Wham.

Managing director, Simon Ryder, mixed the show personally on the venue's in-house system, supplying a highly augmented microphone stock (including ribbon mics for David Gilmour's guitar amp) and a back-line technician to look after all the instruments and ensure that all the musicians could just get up and play, knowing that their instruments were in perfect tune.

Photos courtesy of David Levine.

Case Studies

Outlook Festival Launch Party:

We were chosen to production manage the launch party for Outlook Festival in the Ewer Street Arches in Southwark London. In addition we also supplied venue wide lighting and an immense Noise Control Audio sound system for the main room. We also supplied decor and draping, fencing, Mojo crash barrier, staging, toilets, rubbish collection and recycling, noise management, risk assessments and method statements as well as a complete 400kVA temporary power installation.

Our initial consultation lead to a site visit from one of our senior production managers. Equipped with a camera, laser measure and notebook, we met with the clients and performed a full site survey and discussed their ideas and wishes for the event.

We then worked out a complete budget which was fully itemised and completely adhered to at all stages of the project.

Finally on the day itself, the project was delivered on time and on budget, with 3 very heavy duty sound systems, large light shows and over 3000 people in attendance.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Pre Tour Production & Secret Gig:

We were approached by Nick Cave's tour manager to supply audio and staging for a week of full production rehearsals  and a secret gig in front of 300 friends, family, world famous musicians and celebrities and industry bigwigs.

After initial discussions and a site visit, we recommended Noise Control Audio's iFly system as being the best fit. We also supplied a complete 16 way Noise Control Audio monitor system as well as recording devices and a Yamaha LS9 sub mixer to handle the choir. The system was installed and tuned using acoustic analysis software until it was tight, punchy and ruler flat from 27Hz to 20kHz.

Nick Cave and his engineers were delighted with the sound quality both on stage and off stage.

We also provided back-line tech services and repaired several instruments and electronic effects and amplifiers before them over the course of the week to get them ready for their world tour.

Rock The Runway - L'Oreal Redken:

We were contracted in by Fisher Productions to provide audio for L'Oreal Redken's event "Rock The Runway" at Brixton O2 Academy. We were told that sound quality was everything and that the show designers liked the idea of big speaker stacks. In previous years they had tried a premium French line array in the notoriously acoustically tricky venue and been unhappy with the results. We measured the venue and utilised the CAD plans to acoustically map the venue. We chose our Flashlight mk3 system as being the perfect fit for the venue.  We installed 20 x horn loaded 21" subs and 8 x Flashlight tops along with D&B Q7 and Q sub delays and Ci80 infill. We also supplied  a Midas Heritage 3000 mixing console for its exemplary sound quality along with DJ equipment, radio microphones, time code synchronised playback and a 20 way wired and wireless communications system to enable the highly complex show to run tightly.

The system installed was a triumph of intelligibility and power. We achieved a variation of +-3dB across the entire venue, and flat response from 27Hz to 20kHz. The venue's in-house production manager stated that it was one of the best sounding systems that he had heard in there in his 20 years of working there.

Fisher and the clients were delighted. Lucy Gibson, Fisher Productions' project manager stated "when it comes to events where sound quality is everything we choose Simon and his team - the results are always like nothing else we have heard."

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