Sussex Event Hire

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ST1 Performer Stage

6m x 4m fast erect stage

The ST1 Performer stage is quick to put up and take down and can fit inside a single van. It comes with mesh sides and is held down with 4 tons of water ballast.

Milos MR1 Stage

8m x 6m festival stage with optional wings

The Milos MR1 stage is a fully specified festival and event stage. It is also scalable from 6m x 4m to 8m x 6m with a weather protection overhang at the front as well as fly points for left and right PA.

Additionally, side wings can be added for monitor world postion and also backline storage and a prep area for bands.

Mesh or solid sides come as standard.

Outdoor Stages

Sussex Event hire have two small stages in stock - for larger canopies we partner with several industry leading suppliers and can offer saddle span stages, orbit stages and lorry based stages such as morbits.

Unlike many stages available, our stages conform to every aspect of the "Temporary Demountable Structures" guidelines, have fully published wind speed ratings (up to 40mph) and are secured with several tons of ballast.